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 What are the codecs used for VoIP?

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What is FXS and FXO?

How much bandwidth does VoIP codecs use?

What is WiMAX?


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We are covering Technology, non-profit organizations, main vendors, service providers, updated news, resources, tools, discussion groups, special products and solutions, learning curve, where to shop and useful links related to DSL, Wireless, VoIP and UTM networking. Our approach is direct, simple and professional where both specialized and ordinary users can find what they are looking for in an easy to use Broadband Matrix.


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Whether you are looking for new Verizon high speed Internet or the best rate for high speed wireless Internet mobile or DSL service in Jamestown or broadband speed test tools or Mobile satellite way high speed internet access  or Belkin ADSL modem 54g wireless router I am sure it will be a great experience to start from here, Networkingland.com will be your preferred gateway to this ever changing world.

Start from www.networkingland.com if you want to find road runner high speed internet service in Huston or garden city New York road runner high speed internet or how to install WiFi max or making WiFi transmitter or looking for wireless IP phone or setting up a printer in a wireless network or ZyXEL x-550 reviews or ADSL 54g wireless modem router.

Looking for the codecs used for VoIP or trying to know what is FXS and FXO? or what VoIP codec should I select? or the cheapest solution VoIP or the cheapest VoIP phones or free long distance internet phone calls or VoIP free international calls to Philippines or VoIP free calls to Brazil or VoIP service provider free Internet Phone call Internet or free VoIP PC to phone calls or how much bandwidth does VoIP codecs use or any VoIP related topics or resources, I am sure it will be a great experience to start from networkingland.com!

UTM -Unified Threat Management  boxes are a  must for IT managers who are looking for peace of mind! and even SOHO & SMB can still benefit from these revolutionary boxes. Internet Security Box is a lovely approach toward fighting back bad guys on the Internet!

If you are looking for Anti-Virus or Anti Spam or 2nd generation firewall or Intrusion Detection and Prevention system or web content filtering and content management system or email systems content filtering or Network security appliance with wireless support or ZyXEL VPN broadband router, our technology matrix will be the answer!


In the mean time we are covering the following networking trends, but we have plans to add more hot networking trends to this site in the future:


bullet DSL - Digital Subscriber Line networking
bullet Wi-Fi - Wireless Networking 
bullet VoIP - Voice Over IP and IP telephony Communication
bullet UTM - Unified Threat Management and Internet security.


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